Diagnostics are separate objects (instances of subclasses of VerosDiagnostic) responsible for handling I/O, restart mechanics, and monitoring of the numerical solution. All available diagnostics are instantiated and added to a dictionary attribute Veros.diagnostics (with a key determined by their name attribute). Options for diagnostics may be set during the Veros.set_diagnostics() method:

class MyModelSetup(Veros):
    def set_diagnostics(self):
        self.diagnostics["averages"].output_variables = ["psi","u","v"]
        self.diagnostics["averages"].sampling_frequency = 3600.
        self.diagnostics["snapshot"].output_variables += ["du"]

Base class

This class implements some common logic for all diagnostics. This makes it easy to write your own diagnostics: Just derive from this class, and implement the virtual functions.

Available diagnostics

Currently, the following diagnostics are implemented and added to Veros.diagnostics:



CFL monitor

Tracer monitor