Model variables

The variable meta-data (i.e., all instances of veros.variables.Variable) are available in a dictionary as the attribute Veros.variables. The actual data arrays are added directly as atrributes to Veros. The following code snippet (as commonly used in the Diagnostics) illustrates this behavior:

var_meta = {key: val for key, val in vs.variables.items() if val.time_dependent and val.output}
var_data = {key: getattr(veros, key) for key in var_meta.keys()}

In this case, var_meta is a dictionary containing all metadata for variables that are time dependent and should be added to the output, while var_data is a dictionary with the same keys containing the corresponding data arrays.

Variable class

Available variables

There are two kinds of variables in Veros. Main variables are always present in a simulation, while conditional variables are only available if their respective condition is True at the time of variable allocation.

: Time-dependent
: Included in snapshot output by default
: Written to restart files by default


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