Available model settings

The following list of available settings is automatically created from the file settings.py in the Veros main folder. They are available as attributes of all instances of the Veros state class, e.g.:

>>> simulation = MyVerosSetup()
>>> vs = simulation.state
>>> print(vs.eq_of_state_type)
VerosState.identifier = UNNAMED

Identifier of the current simulation

VerosState.nx = 0

Grid points in zonal (x) direction

VerosState.ny = 0

Grid points in meridional (y,j) direction

VerosState.nz = 0

Grid points in vertical (z,k) direction

VerosState.dt_mom = 0.0

Time step in seconds for momentum

VerosState.dt_tracer = 0.0

Time step for tracers, can be larger than dt_mom

VerosState.runlen = 0.0

Length of simulation in seconds

VerosState.AB_eps = 0.1

Deviation from Adam-Bashforth weighting

VerosState.coord_degree = False

either spherical (True) or cartesian (False) coordinates

VerosState.enable_cyclic_x = False

enable cyclic boundary conditions

VerosState.eq_of_state_type = 1

equation of state: 1: linear, 3: nonlinear with comp., 5: TEOS

VerosState.enable_implicit_vert_friction = False

enable implicit vertical friction

VerosState.enable_explicit_vert_friction = False

enable explicit vertical friction

VerosState.enable_hor_friction = False

enable horizontal friction

VerosState.enable_hor_diffusion = False

enable horizontal diffusion

VerosState.enable_biharmonic_friction = False

enable biharmonic horizontal friction

VerosState.enable_biharmonic_mixing = False

enable biharmonic horizontal mixing

VerosState.enable_hor_friction_cos_scaling = False

scaling of hor. viscosity with cos(latitude)**cosPower

VerosState.enable_ray_friction = False

enable Rayleigh damping

VerosState.enable_bottom_friction = False

enable bottom friction

VerosState.enable_bottom_friction_var = False

enable bottom friction with lateral variations

VerosState.enable_quadratic_bottom_friction = False

enable quadratic bottom friction

VerosState.enable_tempsalt_sources = False

enable restoring zones, etc

VerosState.enable_momentum_sources = False

enable restoring zones, etc

VerosState.enable_superbee_advection = False

enable advection scheme with implicit mixing

VerosState.enable_conserve_energy = True

exchange energy consistently

VerosState.enable_store_bottom_friction_tke = False

transfer dissipated energy by bottom/rayleig fric. to TKE, else transfer to internal waves

VerosState.enable_store_cabbeling_heat = False

transfer non-linear mixing terms to potential enthalpy, else transfer to TKE and EKE

VerosState.enable_noslip_lateral = False

enable lateral no-slip boundary conditions in harmonic- and biharmonic friction.

VerosState.congr_epsilon = 1e-12

convergence criteria for Poisson solver

VerosState.congr_max_iterations = 1000

maximum number of Poisson solver iterations

VerosState.A_h = 0.0

lateral viscosity in m^2/s

VerosState.K_h = 0.0

lateral diffusivity in m^2/s

VerosState.r_ray = 0.0

Rayleigh damping coefficient in 1/s

VerosState.r_bot = 0.0

bottom friction coefficient in 1/s

VerosState.r_quad_bot = 0.0

qudratic bottom friction coefficient

VerosState.hor_friction_cosPower = 3
VerosState.A_hbi = 0.0

lateral biharmonic viscosity in m^4/s

VerosState.K_hbi = 0.0

lateral biharmonic diffusivity in m^4/s

VerosState.kappaH_0 = 0.0
VerosState.kappaM_0 = 0.0

fixed values for vertical viscosity/diffusivity which are set for no TKE model

VerosState.enable_neutral_diffusion = False

enable isopycnal mixing

VerosState.enable_skew_diffusion = False

enable skew diffusion approach for eddy-driven velocities

VerosState.enable_TEM_friction = False

TEM approach for eddy-driven velocities

VerosState.K_iso_0 = 0.0

constant for isopycnal diffusivity in m^2/s

VerosState.K_iso_steep = 0.0

lateral diffusivity for steep slopes in m^2/s

VerosState.K_gm_0 = 0.0

fixed value for K_gm which is set for no EKE model

VerosState.iso_dslope = 0.0008

parameters controlling max allowed isopycnal slopes

VerosState.iso_slopec = 0.001

parameters controlling max allowed isopycnal slopes

VerosState.enable_idemix = False
VerosState.tau_v = 172800.0

time scale for vertical symmetrisation

VerosState.tau_h = 1296000.0

time scale for horizontal symmetrisation

VerosState.gamma = 1.57
VerosState.jstar = 5.0

spectral bandwidth in modes

VerosState.mu0 = 0.3333333333333333

dissipation parameter

VerosState.enable_idemix_hor_diffusion = False
VerosState.enable_eke_diss_bottom = False
VerosState.enable_eke_diss_surfbot = False
VerosState.eke_diss_surfbot_frac = 1.0

fraction which goes into bottom

VerosState.enable_idemix_superbee_advection = False
VerosState.enable_idemix_upwind_advection = False
VerosState.enable_tke = False
VerosState.c_k = 0.1
VerosState.c_eps = 0.7
VerosState.alpha_tke = 1.0
VerosState.mxl_min = 1e-12
VerosState.kappaM_min = 0.0
VerosState.kappaM_max = 100.0
VerosState.tke_mxl_choice = 1
VerosState.enable_tke_superbee_advection = False
VerosState.enable_tke_upwind_advection = False
VerosState.enable_tke_hor_diffusion = False
VerosState.K_h_tke = 2000.0

lateral diffusivity for tke

VerosState.enable_eke = False
VerosState.eke_lmin = 100.0

minimal length scale in m

VerosState.eke_c_k = 1.0
VerosState.eke_cross = 1.0

Parameter for EKE model

VerosState.eke_crhin = 1.0

Parameter for EKE model

VerosState.eke_c_eps = 1.0

Parameter for EKE model

VerosState.eke_k_max = 10000.0

maximum of K_gm

VerosState.alpha_eke = 1.0

factor vertical friction

VerosState.enable_eke_superbee_advection = False
VerosState.enable_eke_upwind_advection = False
VerosState.enable_eke_isopycnal_diffusion = False

use K_gm also for isopycnal diffusivity

VerosState.enable_eke_leewave_dissipation = False
VerosState.c_lee0 = 1.0
VerosState.eke_Ri0 = 200.0
VerosState.eke_Ri1 = 50.0
VerosState.eke_int_diss0 = 5.787037037037037e-07
VerosState.kappa_EKE0 = 0.1
VerosState.eke_r_bot = 0.0

bottom friction coefficient

VerosState.eke_hrms_k0_min = 0.0

min value for bottom roughness parameter

VerosState.kappaH_min = 0.0

minimum value for vertical diffusivity

VerosState.enable_kappaH_profile = False

Compute vertical profile of diffusivity after Bryan and Lewis (1979) in TKE routine

VerosState.enable_Prandtl_tke = True

Compute Prandtl number from stratification levels in TKE routine

VerosState.Prandtl_tke0 = 10.0

Constant Prandtl number when stratification is neglected for kappaH computation in TKE routine

VerosState.use_io_threads = False

Start extra threads for disk writes

VerosState.io_timeout = 20

Timeout in seconds while waiting for IO locks to be released

VerosState.enable_netcdf_zlib_compression = True

Use netCDF4’s native zlib interface, which leads to smaller output files (but carries some computational overhead).

VerosState.enable_hdf5_gzip_compression = True

Use h5py’s native gzip interface, which leads to smaller restart files (but carries some computational overhead).

VerosState.restart_input_filename =

File name of restart input. If not given, no restart data will be read.

VerosState.restart_output_filename = {identifier}_{itt:0>4d}.restart.h5

File name of restart output. May contain Python format syntax that is substituted with Veros attributes.

VerosState.restart_frequency = 0

Frequency (in seconds) to write restart data

VerosState.force_overwrite = False

Overwrite existing output files

VerosState.pyom_compatibility_mode = False

Force compatibility to pyOM2 (even reproducing bugs and other quirks). For testing purposes only.

VerosState.diskless_mode = False

Suppress all output to disk. Mainly used for testing purposes.

VerosState.default_float_type = float64

Default type to use for floating point arrays (e.g. float32 or float64).