How to use plug-insΒΆ

A plug-in is an optional extension for Veros that you can use to enable additional physics, outputs, or diagnostics.


Plug-ins do not necessarily meet the same quality standards as the Veros core, and not all plug-ins are directly affiliated with Veros or the Veros developers. You should carefully check whether a given plug-in fits your needs.

As a first step, install the plug-in you want to use, e.g. veros-bgc via

$ pip install veros-bgc

You can then immediately use any custom setups included in the plug-in:

$ veros copy-setup bgc_global_4deg

To use a plug-in in a Veros setup, all you need to do is to import it and add it to the __veros_plugins__ attribute of your setup class:

import veros_bgc

class MySetup(VerosSetup):
   __veros_plugins__ = (veros_bgc,)

   # - rest of the setup definition -

This step is probably not necessary if you use a setup that was shipped with the plug-in, but in doubt you should double-check that the plug-in is activated properly.

See also

For more information, refer to the documentation of the plug-in in question. You can find some suggestions in the contents of this section.